Krams Design 2.0!

Yay! Look at me, all clean and fresh and Bloggerless. Feels good to get away from that place and into a proper website. You’ll notice the site has a few things, most notably a ‘scrapbook’ section which I’ve gone ahead and thrown old bits and pieces in for your perusal. Also you might notice that there’s suddenly a new page for Egress, so go and head over there to see more about this new project. Last but not least you might notice a few changes with some screen shots – have a closer look at those in the game pages to spot extra details previously unreleased. Yay, new things!

That’s about it really. Settle in and enjoy the new site! And please be sure to let me know of any broken links and whatnot you may find, I’m sure there’s one or two hiding somewhere… I’m not perfect, okay! :(

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  1. Daniel says:

    Hey, it’s straydogstrut from the AGS boards. I came across your site today after reading your Troll’s Lair BB competition post. I’d say i’m considering an entry but it’s most likely not going to happen. Can’t really compete with the quality of your artwork here and on DeviantArt anyway;-)

    Just wanted to say the new site looks great and I look forward to your games. I also made the jump from Blogger to WordPress some time ago and i’ve never looked back. The best thing about WordPress is how customisable everything is. Okay, if I ever finish the theme i’ve been developing then i’ll have something to show for it, but still it satisfies my urge to dabble in code.

    One suggestion I would make is to change your permalinks to nice pretty ones. Permalinks are the permanent links to your posts and pages. So at the moment your ‘games’ page is at It’s a personal preference, but I don’t find it very human readable and tend to make mine something better like I think it helps with Search Engine Optimisation too.

    If you want to change it, you can go to Settings > Permalinks. You then have the option to choose from one of a few structures or create a custom one. I use Day and Name which gives my posts an address like and my pages like (although I don’t have any pages up at the moment). Here’s a link to the WordPress codex regarding Permalinks:

    Hope it helps and I look forward to your games=)

    • Dane Krams says:

      Hey Daniel! Thanks for the kind words! I meant to do something about that in the midst of changing over to wordpress but kind of forgot :D, so thanks for pointing that out. I’ll have to change some of the links I put haphazardly into the css myself, so maybe when I overcome laziness I’ll do something about it…
      And you should definately enter the comp! It’s only got one entry so far :( (albeit a very good one).

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