Alright, as per usual my updates are extremely few and far between, blah blah blah. Anna’s Room, also as per usual, is coming along nicely – first two chapters are basically done! I’m feeling really happy with it and am super super excited to have people play it! More to come on that in time…

For now though, I’ve got a brand spanking new site – Procrastoonation! I was doing a bunch of these cartoons anyway so I figured I may as well have a place for them to live, and for others who are also procrastinating to come and enjoy. And then we can procrastinate together! Yessss! Updates for it, like I say on the site, will basically be when I feel like it, but it should be at least a couple each week. So head over now pleaaaaase, and enjoy (hopefully) the first two comics!

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  1. Sunny says:

    Hey its me sunnnyy! its been so long. Your drawing has improved so much man, cant believe i found this. GL on your game ill ring you when i get the chance.

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