New Year, New Title

So for those of you who follow me on twitter (or for that matter those whove visited the site in the last few days) this news comes as no surprise – Anna’s Room is now officially known as ‘Anna’s Quest‘! WOO! Go check out the game page to peruse the new logo and some slightly updated screens (more details in some rooms).

Yes I know, the new title is highly original. After tossing around a bunch of different considerations, I came to this conclusion for two reasons. The first is that it’s not really about just that room any more. The game idea originated there and hence the name, but the game has become so much bigger since then the title has become a bit irrelevant. Secondly I just wanted to hold onto some element of the original name so people could at least recognise it. And voila! There you go.

Oh and in my bad bad habit of never posting stuff as it happens, I’ve fallen quite far behind in posting all the Egress coverage, which includes a Kotaku interview and TWO PC Gamer mentions since my last post!

Here are the new articles I’ve scouted out for Egress:
Kotaku AU Interview
PC Gamer feature
PC Gamer feature #2
Geek New Wave Interview & review
Grey Viper article
Adventure Gamers ‘Following Freeware: November 2011′ feature

To see the rest of the Egress articles, check out the links at the bottom of this post.

Oh yes and one more thing – finally, an actual trailer for Egress! This is now up permanently on the Egress game page.


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