Anna’s Quest Vol. 1 – OUT NOW!

This is out folks! Finally, the first part of the Anna’s Quest trilogy is out and available for download right now!

Head to the game page to see all the info you need, from trailers to the demo to purchasing the game.

I wanted to have a release date that I could get everyone looking forward to and excited for, but with so many various things going on all the way up to the end, I didn’t want to end up making delays or disappointing people, so instead opted for the ‘I’m done, you can have it now’ approach. This has been a very long labour of love, but I’m just extremely excited to have it out in the world now and have people playing it!

Big thanks to all the cast of the game, and to all the people who helped me make it. Especially my music man, James Flamestar. I LOVE YOU!

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4 Responses to “Anna’s Quest Vol. 1 – OUT NOW!”

  1. Hervé says:

    Hey Dane, please look your AGS message. Thanks!

  2. Richard Brum says:

    Hey, I randomly googled my name and saw that my handwriting font is being used for this game. Looks pretty good, if I do say so myself! 😀

    • Dane Krams says:

      Hey Richard! You’re font looks amazingly good, I love it! I’ve creditted you in the game credits as well as the copyright page on the site, but please let me know if there’s any other way I can credit you :)

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