Times are a changing

Hey all! So some of you have already noticed Anna’s Quest being taken off of Steam Greenlight, and in turn Volume 1 is now no longer for sale. There’s very good reason for this! Anna’s Quest is by no means becoming discontinued – in fact, it is quite the opposite. Sadly, now’s not the time to disclose the future of the game – that will come in time. Right now, I’m simply posting this to let you all know I’m still alive, the game’s still alive, and most importantly if you have supported the game already, you will be kept in mind :)

Please be patient, continue to check the site, my facebook page here, and my twitter feed here for news in the future. Thanks everyone! Love y’all :D

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13 Responses to “Times are a changing”

  1. D.C. says:

    Can’t wait to see what’s coming up next!

  2. We want chilly willy! We want chilly willy!

  3. Zimwasi says:

    Fantastically groovy, I shall share the joy!

  4. Gint says:


    So is it still possible to get my hands on the first part of the game, aside from the demo that’s on desura? I would really like to play through it. Or is it that you are improving the game somehow and a new version will be available in the future?

    • Dane Krams says:

      Unfortunately no, the first part as it was will no longer be available. You are right though, changes are indeed being made, and the game will be available again in the future :)

  5. Claude DAVID says:


    I come here back after a while, with the idea of buying the game, and sadly it’s no more possible :o (

    It’s really a gem, I’m REALLY disappointed I did not buy it before. But how to know it will be unavailable …

    Very disappointed.


    • Dane Krams says:

      Aww, but it’s okay Claude – it’s only been taken down temporarily! A full game is in the works, but I can’t say any more than that right now. I’ll make sure to post on this site about what’s happening as soon as I can though!

  6. Claude DAVID says:

    Hi again,

    I think I come here each week, to see if something new pops up … but no :-/

    I downloaded and played Egress: a fantastic little gem.

    Back to Anna’s Quest, I still don’t understand why, during the development of the new and more complete edition, you did not continue to sell the “old one”, and so loose opportunity of some more money … ?

    I really hope 1) you will change your mind and in the meantime sell again chapter one. 2) some news soon.

    Kind regards

    • Dane Krams says:

      Hey Claude!

      I’m so happy you keep checking in on the site! I feel terrible about how abandoned it looks, but I assure you it’s for good reason. I’m currently contracted to finish Anna’s Quest under a publisher/developer, so it’s entirely up to them as to when announcements are made, and what versions of Anna’s Quest are on sale. I can say there’s also good reason for the old version no longer being available, which is that the game has undergone an upgrade to a widescreen, HD resolution. All I can say is, be a little more patient, news won’t be too far off… :)

      Thanks again Claude!

      - Dane

  7. Claude DAVID says:


    I’m still around :O). Nothing new here. So …

    In the meantime, if at any moment you start a testing phase and recruit some, I’d like to be one.


    P.S: the prologue is very cute. Attaching characters and nice ambiance.

  8. Pess says:

    Anything new to share? Is it still alive?

    • Dane Krams says:

      Sadly, still no news to share, but it most definitely is still alive! All I can say is that it looks like an official announcement won’t come until an upcoming convention in the year, so stay tuned

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