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Alright, as per usual my updates are extremely few and far between, blah blah blah. Anna’s Room, also as per usual, is coming along nicely – first two chapters are basically done! I’m feeling really happy with it and am super super excited to have people play it! More to come on that in time… [...]

Commissions now open

Ahoy all! Just a quick post to point out that I am currently open for accepting commission work for a variety of design work, including but not limited to the obvious – cartooning and illustration. I am still busy working away on Anna’s Room, which is coming along strong and steady, but alas I need [...]

Krams Design 2.0!

Yay! Look at me, all clean and fresh and Bloggerless. Feels good to get away from that place and into a proper website. You’ll notice the site has a few things, most notably a ‘scrapbook’ section which I’ve gone ahead and thrown old bits and pieces in for your perusal. Also you might notice that [...]

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