Anna’s Quest on Steam Greenlight

Hey all! Just a quick update to let you know that Anna’s Quest is on Steam Greenlight and needs your votes! If you haven’t heard of it before, it’s a basically a way of letting the public vote games onto Steam, which would make an absolutely huge difference for the game and it’s publicity. So, if you have Steam, please put in a vote for me on the Stram Greenlight page here.

Just so you all know too, for anyone who’s already supported the game I will be more than happy to provide free steam keys. I’m not 100% sure since I haven’t actually had a game on Steam before, but I’m under the impression that would be within my power, and I’d be happy to do it!

There’s also been some rather flattering reviews coming in, but there’s one or potentially two more I’m waiting on before I do a post about that. Likewise there are a few other download portals besides Steam that I’m currently on talks with, but more news on that as it gets finalised :)

Thanks so so much for the support so far everyone!

Anna’s Quest Vol. 1 – OUT NOW!

This is out folks! Finally, the first part of the Anna’s Quest trilogy is out and available for download right now!

Head to the game page to see all the info you need, from trailers to the demo to purchasing the game.

I wanted to have a release date that I could get everyone looking forward to and excited for, but with so many various things going on all the way up to the end, I didn’t want to end up making delays or disappointing people, so instead opted for the ‘I’m done, you can have it now’ approach. This has been a very long labour of love, but I’m just extremely excited to have it out in the world now and have people playing it!

Big thanks to all the cast of the game, and to all the people who helped me make it. Especially my music man, James Flamestar. I LOVE YOU!

Anna’s Quest Prologue

Long time no see! The very good news is that Anna’s Quest Vol. 1 is VERY nearly here! Before the details for that are announced though, check out this mini game I put together a little while back – Anna’s Quest – Prologue. As the title suggests, it’s a prologue to the main story that begins in Anna’s Quest, setting up the history of Anna and her farm and, most importantly, establishing the plot to come. It’s a real simple side scrolling game that plays out like a book that you walk the characters through. Be sure to play it before Anna’s Quest Vol. 1 to find out where it all begins!

It’s free to play – just head over here to the game page to start downloading right now!

Anna's Quest - Prologue (Anna and her Mother)

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